I Am Alive (PC Games) Free Download

I Am Alive is an action adventure and survival horror game that has been developed by Ubisoft Shanghai and is published by Ubisoft. This game was released on 6th September 2012. The game is set in an era when America has been jolted by earthquakes and is under massive disaster. The government of United States is trying hard to facilitate the citizens but all in vain. Due to low supplies the citizens become agitated and furious.

The main character of the game Carlo Mestroni is on his way to Haventon, a fictional city to save his family but as he arrived home it dawned upon him that they have left the city safely. The player can control the character with a third person perspective during navigation and it turns to first person perspective during shooting and aiming. The player needs to come up with different tactics in order to survive during encounters with the furious citizens. There is a great emphasis on climbing and the player will climb on the wrecked buildings and roam in potentially hazardous areas. The player also need to collect hidden resources for obtaining points. The graphics of the games are quite impressive and you will love this game. You may also like to download White Night which is another impressive survival horror game.

System Requirements of I Am Alive
[-]Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 
[-]CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or later 
[-]RAM: 1GB 
[-]Hard Disk Space: 2GB

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