Aliens Colonial Marines (PC Games) Free Download

Aliens Colonial Marines is a first person shooter video game that has been developed by Gearbox Software and is published under the banner of Sega. This game was made available for the general public on 12th February 2013. Aliens Colonial Marines is the third game of the Aliens series developed by Sega
In Aliens Colonial Marines you have been given the role of Corporal Christopher Winter of US Colonial Marine. Your task in this game is to destroy and get rid of the Xeno Infestation. The player will have access to a variety of weapons that were featured in the movie. These weapons include smartguns, shotguns, flamethrower pistols and many more. Player is also equipped with motion trackers in order to detect the enemies. The player can also use welding torches in order to seal the doors. By completing different tasks and killing the enemies the player will earn experience point and with these experience points he/she can bought new weaponry, customize the looks of their character as well as can unlock new skill sets

System Requirements of Aliens Colonial Marines
[-]Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 
[-]CPU: 2GHz Intel Dual Core processor or higher. 
[-]RAM: 2 GB 
[-]Hard Disk Space: 20GB

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